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Alucast was formed in the late sixties and is based in the heart of the industrial West Midlands- an appropriate location for a company that offers a single-source supply of sand, gravity and high-pressure aluminium castings.



Facilities include a job/batch production aluminium gravity die foundry, airset sand foundry, low pressure foundry & high pressure foundry equipped with fully automated pressure die casting machines.  We also have on site machining up to 5 axis, & x-ray & dye penetrant testing on site.

Although its production facilities are not permanently tied up with work for one or two major customers, Alucast can also undertake long runs when required, in other words Alucast is unlikely to tell you it cannot be done.



Alucast was established in 1967 by Mike Clayton, as a sand casting business making aluminium castings based in Bentley Mill Lane, Walsall before new premises were acquired in Leamore Lane, Walsall, and a gravity diecasting department was added.  With a dedication to growing the business in the Black Country, the owner acquired another casting business in 1973, Tipton Non-ferrous, on Dowty Street, Tipton and then in Ash Street Bilston by 1988.

1992 Saw the business interests acquired by Phil Roberts.  By this time, the company had developed a ‘can-do’ philosophy such that it would not turn away very complex parts required for manufacture by its customers.  The firm continued to expand with the opening of a pressure die-casting business on the Western Way Wednesbury site to give the business all three major aluminium casting processes.

In 2001, the manufacturing processes were restructured in one plant at Western Way, Wednesbury, the current Alucast site. Having enabled the company to grow from the original 5 employees to a company with an £5M turnover and 79 employees, Phil Roberts retired in 2003.


Tony Sartorius (Chairman) and John Swift (MD) then took over the business.  The company has continued to develop, acquiring a machining business in 2008, opening an Indian plant later in 2008 and growing sales to nearly £9.0m with 110 employees. The company has survived the ravages of the 2008-2009 downturn, which halved its turnover, but this has been restored to around £8m with 105 people now employed.

The company is now an award-winning casting business well known in the Black Country, West Midlands, the UK and abroad, the company won the Manufacturer of the Year award in 2012. The company now exports more than one third of its product.



Alucast Ltd has experience of supplying components for almost every industrial sector, using the manufacturing methods of Sand, Gravity Die (Permanent Mould), Low pressure and High Pressure Die Castings.

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